Thursday, April 22, 2010

I keep the old vases.

I received a sms message this morning from our company RDM, saying that we could still use our old proposal forms till end of the month. Lately our company had made many new changes and adjustments, and each changes cost million to print the necessary. At the same time wasting million in values and stocks, i wonder whether the people who work in the management could feel the pitch of these losses. Perhaps not because after all is not their money!

After reading his auto messaging, i wrote him with a joke in mind. I said, "Yah lor! I never throw old things. I always keep the old vases, immaterial of how worn out they are. I cherish all my old girlfriends and i also like new ladies. Tat is the way, life has to be. So Sad for Pru... who only go for new stuffs and chuck the unwanted."

I believe this intelligent RDM understood my message. Companies need younger blood to bring in new businesses. They admire and appreciate those who could perform, but the days come when one is under perform, you loose all your respect and dignity. In the selling world, a new knife is sharper that cut faster than an old one, whereas in life, an older mind has more wisdom than a young one. If only companies know how to tap the sources of wisdom and experiences from the older agents, younger agents would be deprived of a chance to learn faster and smarter. Unless those top guys up there truly have the wisdom of life, things won't change much for sure. It was a humourous message though but it speaks the facts of life.

Food for thought - "The young man knows the rules, but the old man knows the exceptions" -Oliver Wendell Holmes

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