Friday, April 16, 2010

I have three wives.

Over a birthday party i met Mustaffah who shared his interesting life with us. He is forty eight, married with three wives and has 12 children, enough to make a team of football players. A successful car salesman who manages his family well.

I was the naughty one who asked him, how he could live happily with three wives at the same time without conflicts and quarrels. In Bahasa he told us his secret...Sayang ta' cukup, Sayang dengan Jaga, baru dapat Happiness. It means, Love isn't enough, Love Care & Concern has to come together to achieve Happiness.

According to Mustaffah, to love our wives we can't be just giving gifts and money alone, we need to put effort to take care of them. On the hand, with effort but no money or in kind, love will not be complete either. As a Muslim to have three wives, he has to be fair to all his women. One last question...when all your wives are with you, which one would be seating with you at the front when you are driving? His reply was sharp and precise, all three would be seating at the back and my son would be seating with me as the front passenger. Wow! Not easy a task to have three wives readers!!!

Mustaffah, you are greater than John Wayne who said, “I've had three wives, six children and six grandchildren and I still don't understand women”.

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Robert Foo said...

Hi my dear,

I fully agree with your statement. Blogging everyday isn't easy, if one hasn't the interest to write.