Monday, January 17, 2011

Are you an understanding wife?

Lee is an active business man in his late fifties. His wife is a year younger and no longer interested in sex and love making, whereas the poor Lee is still strong and needs it. One day i asked him how he satisfied himself when his the other half is inactive. With a smile Lee said his wife is a very understanding lady who gave him encouragement to look for women outside. Every time when Lee goes overseas and on business trips, the caring wife would insert a few dozen of the condoms into his travelling bags. She bids farewell by saying "darling be careful and enjoy yourself."

This situation could happen in any families but how many wives could be like this great lady who understands. Questions i like to post them here today. If you are the wife, given a few options below, which would be the most acceptable approach you should apply. Or if you are a male reader, please contribute your thoughts as well. So that women could understand us better.

My questions:

1. I'm not interested in sex & love making anymore, and i want my husband to be the same like me. He has to be faithful with me for the rest of our lives.

2. I approve him to marry a second wife or mistress.

3. Quietly he should have a girlfriend and not letting me know.

4. No second wife or mistress or girlfriend but satisfy his need by payment for special services.

5. Buy DIY toys for him.

6. Do nothing and pretend nothing has happened.

Well! Please don't laugh or be angry with me, because these are all facts of life. If you are still very young or just got married, you might not understand but sooner and later you would reach there one day too. I wander how many readers out there are brave and willing to offer their views or comments. Your sharing would definitely be helpful. Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

Both husband and wife must be faithful like their vows from the beginning of their marriage and being faithful is being honest. Honesty hurts but at least it is the truth. It is a fact of life that our spouse is not our possession but we have certain rights attached when we say "i do". Love is also a matter of respect. If you respect your "other half" you would not think of anything but for her/his sake. That you wont let her/his heart breaks because of your being unfaithful. Just remember that during his/her younger age he/she did everything to make you happy on and out of bed. I am a married man but when time comes that my "other half" can no longer perform in bed im brave enough to say to my wife that "Honey can you do it manually?" (you know what i mean)

Manila, Philippines

Robert Foo said...

Hi Ulysses,

Well spoken! You speak with a faithful Catholic Heart. Thank you for that sincere comment and i really appreciate every single word you wrote. You are truly a firm man with principle and ethic.

Wan said...

Hi Robert,
Well.... i would say, always put ourselves in other people's shoes.
in this case, if i mind my wife be with another man, then i should not be with another woman.
do you agree?

Robert Foo said...

Hi Wan,

If only everyone could think like you, then our world would be a perfect one. Your wife should read this & she is so lucky to have you to be the perfect man.

I totally agreed with you youngman. Please read the next following post and see what you could say please.