Tuesday, January 04, 2011


"Never think twice about doing something nice for someone." This was one powerful message i received on the 1st day of 2011. It's simple to digest and to understand, and if one were to apply it whole heartily, magic would appear in front of you.

For instance.... you see an accident while on the road, and you never hesitate to stop and provide assistance to the injured. This is empathy. You see a homeless child with a single mother. With what you have, you offer all the financial support to the pitiful mum & child. This is charity of the heart. A friend has lost his job and has no money to feed his family. Without him asking, you give the needed cash to them. This is caring of the heart. A young rookie is failing on his career. Before he decides to quit, you inspire and motivate him to stay. Your willingness to share shows you are not selfish. A widow has lost his husband & son, and has no desire to live. With patience and understanding, you are prepared to lend a shoulder to the sorrowful widow. This is kindness. Writing on commercial and writing on blog is different. Writing commercially brings fame and money, whereas blogging is from the heart with the intention to share for no financial gains what so ever in mind. This is love.

If you are the one person who "never think twice about doing something nice for someone", i am sure you are going to be a likable and lovable individual. If you happened to be a man, all ladies would fall for you or if you are a woman, i will fall for you with all my heart. No joke!

My belief - "I must help people without people asking" plus "Never think twice about doing something nice for someone."

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