Tuesday, January 11, 2011

See the brighter side of everything

A coin has two faces, and quite similarly in our lives we have two faces to look at. In any eventualities, we could either be looking at the brighter or darker side of life. Believe me, most people opt to think of the negative more than the positive of everything they see.

A friend you haven't met for quite some time. He possesses 99 perfect look but one defect could over shadow his 99. He could be intelligence, smart, well dressed, kind hearted and handsome but on the day you meet him, his mouth smells might take you off. All the other qualities he carries are not important to you at that moment of time. Perhaps you might even try to avoid him. Can this happen to us? You have the choice to look at him on the bright side or the darker side here.

Or perhaps you happen to meet another friend whom you think has lost weight and doesn't look healthy. Would you see him and say something like this, "You look thin!" I think that remark is not considered as a compliment. Having not met a long time and throwing such statement to this friend could be hurting. Thinner is a negative perception, unless you know he wants to be thin because he was over weight before.

I normally look at the brighter and positive aspects of life. Whenever i meet another friend, i will always capitalize the good points in him. Even i might not know, i will still say something nice and sweet to hear. These are words i often used, "You look great and smart today!", "You have an intelligent look!" or "Your handsome face attracts!" These compliments help to lift the energy of our friends.

If ever i want to let a good friend who is loosing weight or perhaps is gaining weight which might not be benefiting to him, i will say it indirectly to avoid hurting his feeling. Try this; "You are a great handsome guy, if only you put on extra weight, many girls would fall for you" or "You are sexy and pretty, if you are a little slimmer, you attract all men for sure." Do it with some compliments first, before adding the down side.

I hope all my dears, honeys and my little darling would listen to my advice here, give sincere appreciations to everyone you meet. Please don't be direct with your thought when you see any defects. The facts of life is, "A sweet lie is better than a hurting truth!"

My belief -
"Feeling appreciated is one of the most important needs that people have. When you share with someone your appreciation and gratitude, they will not forget you. Appreciation will return to you many times." Steve Brunkhorst


Anonymous said...

very nice thoughts...but sir why you use the adjective and noun interchangeably? like intelligence/intelligent. "He could be INTELLIGENT, smart, well dressed, kind hearted...blah blah..." should be read like that..neway i like it..im an avid fan of ur blog

Robert Foo said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thank you for your sincere correction. I have been using my mouth to express & impress for the last 43 years as a salesperson. It was 4 years ago, i only started to use my hand to write.

One could speak well, might not write well. I am trying very hard to learn to write as effective as speaking.

Therefore i need avid fans like you to assist and correct me at times.

I write from my heart without any commercial gains and returns. By day i sell life insurance and is only the late nite, i have some time to wonder into this blogging world to share my thought with those who are keen to learn. On top of it, there is no any person at the moment who is assisting me to edit and correct some of my silly mistakes here. I sincerely beg for pardon to forgive my weaknesses in writing. Most important i hope you could understand my intention.

Your comments are most appreciated. Thank you for reading my blog all the time.

Anonymous said...

Wander sir..not wonder...neway sir there is no sense of asking for forgiveness everybody commits mistakes the impt thing is we learn from that mistakes..neway ur ideas and sharing are very informative and i read it while im working at the same time..if u also have time pls. visit my blogsite at http://cutedaw-starblaze.blogspot.com

Robert Foo said...

Hi Anonymous,

Your comments are noted. Thank you so much.