Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lesson No 1 in Keeping Chinese Mistress.

Hi Readers! Before reading this particular posting, you have to read my yesterday title first; "Are You An Understanding Wife?" Then you might laugh more on this page. This joke was forwarded to me by a Chinese friend from China this morning. Can be a joke to us but is a true fact happening over in China at the moment. And that's why properties are escalating beyond imagination. Read on please.....

A boss, in order to keep a mistress, bought a house in Shengzhen for her to live in, plus a monthly allowance of 5000 yuan, the house cost him about 500000 yuan. He sold the house this year for 3.2 million yuan, after he broke off from his mistress.

A quick calculation. After 5 years of free fling with the woman, he still had a nett gain of 2.4 million yuan.

When his wife found out about this, she was very mad and gave him a big scolding: "Why the hell you just kept only one mistress!!!"
P.S. I hope Ulysses from Manila of The Philippines won't be angry with this story.


Anonymous said...

Hi robert sir..

Hahaha! why i would be angry? I am also a man of wit and humor is part of my everyday life. The best medicine that u cannot buy over the counter is laughter. sometimes we laugh even for our own miseries. Maybe God created laughter for us to see the other side of the mountain. that is why when we truly laugh, tears come out from our eyes and that is whashing away our sorrows ad that is the best thing in life. Balance


Robert Foo said...

Hi Ulysses,

A person who has humour is always a happy and a rounded one. I am too glad to have met you here.