Friday, January 21, 2011

A brother to all my friends.

In my past 28 years of selling life insurance, i had sold 'three generations' policies. I'm sure not many would understand what these plans are! Basically they were plans i sold to the fathers, who later became grand fathers, i sold to the sons who later turned dads and i sold to their children who are all grand children now.

They are all my great friends, whether old or young. Kabeer a friend of more than 30 years, is holding a status of grand father and still is the master of his home, whom i called as brother because of our closeness. His eldest son Jameel whom i have known since a little child, is also my wonderful buddy, called me not uncle but bravely addresses me as brother too. Father & son called me brother all the time. Sometimes people wandered and confused how is it possible we are brothers, when Kabeer is the father of Jameel and they are Indian Muslim, and I'm a typical China Man. My explanation to them was logical, we are true brothers, except from different father & different mother by birth. Haha! They laughed!

Recently i have another great father & son who are also addressing me as brother as well. The father is Dato Raja whom i have known only a year ago. A self made business man, Dato is a successful prominent man in town and well connected in the political scene. When i first known him, he looked very serious and showed little of his humour. As i got to know him a bit better, i accidentally forwarded him some naughty emails which changed his thoughts. I believe when one is too serious in personality, most people are afraid to play joke on you. Ever since Dato started reading all my daily X interesting emails, we became good friends when we called each other as brother now. His eldest son Taib whom i have met only two months ago is approaching me closely currently. His father had instructed him to learn from me as a mentor. I told the young Taib who is getting marry in March, to allow me to teach him all the naughtiness of life first. 'Yes' brother he replied.

What is the secret of making good friends? Simply it's humour, humbleness, willing to share, sincerity, kindness and plenty of love from the true heart. Forgotten to tell you, if ladies who don't called me as dear or darling, they too love addressing me as brother.

Specially to all my great friends - "Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero" ~Marc Brown

Specially to all my readers -
"There's no other love like the love for a brother. There's no other love like the love from a brother" ~Astrid Alauda.

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