Thursday, April 14, 2011

Be a seeker & not a dreamer.....

A middle age single lady who finds life is difficult, when she has to fence for herself, requested a special favour from me. Get me an elderly, wealthy and caring man who could take care of me for life and I would be a happy woman!

I told her this. A dreamer is different from a seeker. A dreamer waits for things to happen, while a seeker makes things happen all the time. This lady has a dream but she needs others to seek to fulfill her dream. Whereas I'm a seeker, I make sure all my dreams are gathered. To be old is quite easy because you don't need to do anything. Whereas to be young, one has to do so much to keep young. The old is being served while the young has to serve.

I hope this special friend understood my explanation. A dreamer alone seldom gets her dreams, unless be a seeker herself and her dreams would come true. A dreamer tends to think like old when she does nothing, expecting miracle and luck to happen. A seeker always feel young and energized, and with his enthusiasm and strength, nothing is impossible to fulfill eventually. I might be much older in biological age to her, but I could feel my heart felt age is so much younger. Reason is, because I am a seeker in everything I do.

For this special lady... William Arthur said, "Opportunities Are Like Sunrises, If You Wait Too Long You Can Miss Them".


Anonymous said...

Hello Robert,

I read your blog with great joy, keep those great post coming!


Robert Foo said...

Hi Slowlybutsurely,

Slowly but surely i will continue to post more interesting titles. Thank you for reading my blog.