Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nude Photography is an Art.....

My youngest son Caldwin is an IT Engineer and he loves photography. As an amateur photographer, he carries his digital camera wherever he goes and snapping beautiful pictures along his way.

Recently he was introduced to a special young lady who was interested to have nude photographs taken on her at her private home. A bit tense, Caldwin requested his good buddy, Richard who is a freelance video recorder to accompany this assignment. The three of them met over a lunch and finally agreed to undertake this project with strict rules abide and ethic to be followed.

Photography is an art, science and practice of creating pictures. Caldwin thought was an easy photography session because he had taken pictures on many occasions prior to this nude taking. Came the day when he turned nervous and scared, especially when this gorgeous and sexy lady took away her clothing. The two camera men were at lost coz right in front of them was a naked beautiful woman ready for their action. They were excited when their hearts were pumping crazily and their thought went wild without knowing what to do. My son was carrying the camera and his hand was trembling and shaking unsteadily. Richard was supposed to be in charged of the lighting was too at lost. Their mind went focus at the wrong directions and points. Instead of sighting the whole piece from top to bottom, these two young amateurs were staring the tempting portions of the attraction.

My son was frank to me. He said, dad it took us more than 10 hours before we could settle down with the right attitude of mind to work. They were at her home for the whole day and finally the project was completed beautifully with the best postures and pictures taken. I certainly felt good for them because they did it professionally without deviating their original intention as to be a real photographer in the making.

Moral of the story: In whatever we do and intend to do, we need skill, experiences and knowledge to perform well.

Try this - "To know that we know what we know, and that we do not know what we do not know, that is true knowledge" - Henry David Thoreau.


Nescafe Girl said...

My dear Brother,
Ur like a guardian angel, knowing what I'm doing now and never give up on me. Tq for catching up.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Girl,

I love drinking Nescafe but I didn't know I have a Nescafe sister. So sorry sis? Which part of Planet Earth are you from?

Crimson Lair said...

I absolutely luv this pic. I would like to promote and sell it on my website. Please contact be at

Crimson Lair said...

I absolutely LUV this picture!! I would like to promote and sell this picture, assuming your son has a model release and copyrights to it. Please e-mail me at

Robert Foo said...

Hi Crimson Lair,

I'm sorry we don't have the copyrights to this beautiful photo. Thank you for coming by.