Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Women and wine come together.....

I believe all successful and active men have high sex appetite. If you don't believe, please look around the world and observe to see whether any wealthy and powerful gentlemen could live without women. The more richer and more authority the man, the higher the sex drive is in him.

A good friend of mine, let me just address him as Mani is a self made rich person. With a simple basic education and came from a poor family, today he is a billionaire with business all over the world. Though he has only one wife whom he loves very much but he has countless lovers every where. I asked him why he needs so many women in his life. His reply was, without sex he won't be able to think right creatively. Sex spurs and inspires him to move and act. Most normal men won't behave like him. Not me either! I would loose my physical energy if I follow Mani's footstep and that's is why I'm not a billionaire.

Ah! Forgotten to reveal his personal secret in love making. For a longer and lasting duration on intimacy, he recommended to take a beg of whisky, follow with a glass of beer and later another glass of good wine before the session. How true it is? Let me try this weekend with the permission from little darling first. Hahaaa!!!

Something beyond your thought - "Great food is like great sex - the more you have the more you want" - Gael Greene.

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