Monday, May 23, 2011

Sell with kindness.......

Selling tips,

Most question asked by my fellow colleagues; "Why all prospects & clients love listening to me, when it's so difficult for them to draw others attention?"

This is my explanation. Remember this quote, "Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear & the blind can see". When you speak from the heart, sincerity could be felt. You might not be the most intelligent person, the purity of words is always pleasing to listen. I speak with enthusiasm, humour, fun, honesty, clarity, excitement, caring plus full of sweetness in all my words. Most important there is no motive when I share my thought with anyone, including the one who is reading my blog at the moment. As long as you are listening, I would be too glad to speak my mind to the one who is in front of me.

The different with most other sales persons is, they sell and speak with a motive or intention. The intention is to close their sales. They might be professional in their trades but when you speak without the kindness at heart, their listeners would know the real motive behind their presentation. Prospects might be listening but without an open and willing mind, not all sales could be closed.

Conclusion: If you do not really love seeing people with a full heart to share, selling is definitely not a career for you. On a short term you might be able to make some sales but to sell for life this is something you have to consider.

My belief - “Let your tongue speak what your heart thinks.” - Davy Crockett quote


Buzzz Bizzz said...

This is amazing - thank you for sharing

Robert Foo said...

Hi Buzzz,

Thank you for reading my blog.