Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Work or Play???

Many of my friends want to know how I turn my work into play. Serious! Selling Life insurance is my hobby. In order to explain, I used to confuse them by pondering them another two questions. 'Is professional footballer work or play?' and 'Is sex work or play?'

The first question sounds simple but might be debatable. To me, all professional footballers take their games as work because they are paid according to their skill and profession. However a good footballer would play well if only he enjoys his game and have fun out of it.

The second question isn't that easy because the word SEX is too heavy for the mind to take. Let me try! On matrimony obligation, sex is work whereas for a newly in love couple, sex is play. A couple who has no child and planning to have baby, sex is work, while all those couples who have illicit activities, sex is play. For a prostitute serving her client, sex is work. The customer who pays for the service, sex is play for him.

Work could be tiring and boring, whereas play is always fun and exciting. We can be at work but if one takes his work as play, then his work would be no longer be boring. Talking is my interest and selling life insurance allows me to talk. This combination is my hobby for life. Is it work? No! Is definitely play all the time.

Remember this quote - "All work no play makes Jack a dull boy".

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