Monday, May 09, 2011

Why is our world not having peace?

A disturbed young man asked... Why is our world not having peace, when there are so much of uneventful happenings in every corner of the earth???

In simple layman term I explained... In our world we have the good and evil forces. Without them, this planet might not move. Imagine if there is no thief and robber, the polices would be having no work. When these 'bad' committed crimes, the good lawyers have the chance to be paid. Sometimes we abuse ourselves by not taking care of our health, and when we felt sick which is considered as the bad part of life, we have to seek a good doctor to heal us again. The bad needs the good. Right?

In everyone of us, we have the good and bad part of our emotion and thinking. If I hadn't been naughty, I would not have disturbed little darling to fall for me many moons ago. Today with me around, little darling feels secure and contented. The good needs the bad again in life.

To the young man - you don't need to be too worrisome over the world affairs, be it the sad or the joy you see at moment. Nothing is going to be permanent. Except for sure, the good and the evil forces have to remain as long as lives are in existence.

Food for thought - "Life is ever changing and it changes everyday. We learn new things and grow, still there is so much to learn. So single person knows everything and nothing is permanent. The thing which is impossible today can be possible tomorrow".

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