Wednesday, August 17, 2011

High headed son with a left over fortune.....

A mother asked me to help her 31 years old son to get a job. The child has two degrees from Great Britain and has never worked permanently in one company ever since he came back seven years ago. For the last five years he was only working as free lance staff. Qualifying in advertising media, he is prepared to take designation of a copywriter or an art director. Any position lower than these two, he isn't interested. In fact he was offered several times on jobs related to advertising but he rejected all these offers. Reasons were, either positions were not to his expectation, or the places of employment were to far from his home or the salary was low.

With my strong network, the mother requested for my favour to assist his son to obtain a glamorous job with good salary plus the company should be around their neighbourhood. What a request!!! I really couldn't imagine how the mum could ask such favour.

I didn't totally reject her request. I was brave to tell her that I think the son has attitude problem. If he isn't going to change his way of thinking, it would be difficult for him to seek any employment. I suggested to her, being the family is Christian, she has to encourage the son to attend Sunday Church services. Perhaps that is the place where free advices and guidance could be provided.

Before we ended our discusssion, the mother told me her deceased husband had left the son some fortune. Because of the easy asset in hand, the son isn't bother to work hard to fend for himself. See! Money is good. But too much money could spoil a person. So sad for him!!!

The high headed son should know - “Money is a good servant but a bad master.” - Francis Bacon, Sr. quotes

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