Wednesday, August 03, 2011

I always attract those married guys!!!

Amlost had left a new comment on one of post "Difference Between 'Love' and 'Like'":

She said, "love or like is a forbidden word for me as i always attract those married guys, i wonder if there's anyway to stop it?"

I replied her, "I think you are a very matured lady who is attractive and sexy. Being mature you tend to be intelligence, and not many unmarried guys who are younger might draw your attention. However those who are married are older and they are smarter to capture your interest. Definitely you can't stop what is happening because these are all facts of life one has to accept. I wish you luck and thank you for reading my blog."

Yes! I'm sure Amlost understood my simple explanation. The fact is most women matured faster than men of the same age group. In their early twenties, girls might think males who are in their thirties as old but in fact they are more suitable for them. The difference of ten years and more make those gentlemen as interesting and intelligence for the girls. However as being young, naive and innocent, these girls prefer to attach to those boys who are of the same age group at the beginning. By the time they realised their mistakes with several breakups or divorces, the girls are no longer young anymore. As turning ladies, they are more attracted to older men now, who are more stable in every way. Assuming the ladies are in their thirties and are looking for their ideal male partners who should be in their forties and above. Is it possible for a successful man who is above 40, healthy, fun looking and wealthy but yet not attached or even married??? The chances could be limited and few, unless those men aren't doing well or having personal problems in themselves. Is like what Amlost claimed she is always attracted to married guys.

My personal view. Girl should get marry in their twenties, whereas the man should be in their thirties. Ideally should be ten years different of age between them. The wife would forever be young to the husband and the man would constantly be guiding and loving his wife.

The Neurotic's Notebook in 1960 wrote -
"How can a man marry wisely in his twenties? The girl he's going to wind up wanting hasn't even been born" ~ Mignon McLaughlin.

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