Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Selling life insurance is my hobby....

Thirty years ago when I became a life insurance agent, most of my good friends ran away from me. They felt that I might be a nuisance to them. They were afraid to see a life insurance agent. Some even claimed that selling life insurance was degrading and considered as not a noble profession of all selling. I could still remember two of them saying selling insurance is like a beggar. I was almost demoralized with this remark. Thank God! My inner conscious kept me going.

Today is a different story. All those good friends who are still alive, wish that they should have been a life insurance agent. Some had left for a better world elsewhere. Those who are still around, are retired and not wanted in any employment or business. Passing time is the most difficult task in their daily lives. They could not mix with their younger generation and the youngsters are afraid of their attitude and behaviour. They pass their pleasurable time yanking old mother stories among the old folks. They feel that their value and pride aren't needed anymore.

Admiring me in every sense, they could see I have all the energy and enthusiasm. There isn't a single day when I have nothing to do. My hand phone, sms and emails kept reaching me. Whereas they are at lost in today's high tech world. Reading my personal blog amused them. I have got friends from the school going kids to the pensioners. I speak with confidence and pride. Most important I have many admirers from near and afar who are willing to listen to my wisdom and life. The amount of dears, honeys and darlings who kept surrounding me made them go crazy and jealous. The different between us is I'm still very much wanted whereas they have to be kept within themselves for company.

Yes! Selling life insurance makes a lot of different. I used to tell these friends. Talking is my hobby. And when I could make others happy and to see them smile, I know my hobby works. Selling life insurance allows me to talk until the last day of my breath.

This is my tag line too -
"I am a very lucky man. I am living my life with my hobby as my profession" - Jim Sullivan


Julius Kew said...

Hi Robert, I have read. And yes, you really enjoyed the best hobby IN YOU.


Robert Foo said...

Hi Julius Kew,

You and your darling wife are God sent friends. I Promise to keep these hobbbies till the last.

Debbie Wong said...

You're truly the star of the insurance world and I hope all these agents out there learn a thing or 2 from you instead of being a money- digging-pain-in-the-neck.

Most people are afraid of agents and can you really blame them?

You're the only exception. And I am proud to be your customer because I know I can trust in you.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Debbie,

Never realised this title captured your atttention. I'm glad my hobby works again coz the sharing of this simple blog could enlighten many of my fellow colleagues. My little contribution might spur them for something greater eventually.

Thank you so much for this comment. It really inspired me.

historypak said...

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