Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm still carrying my briefcase in selling.

As a salesman I have been carrying my briefcase for more than 44 years. Today I'm still proud to work along with it whenever I conduct my business. I really do not know the other part of the world, but right in my country Malaysia no salesman carries it anymore. When I first started selling life insurance with Prudential, our British logo was a man carrying a briefcase. It represented the professionalism of our agencies, the man who listens and always understanding. Not today! Non of our agents has briefcase. They carry haversacks with their laptops and the ladies use their handbags. They have lost their pride to carry the briefcase. On checking with many agents, they feel shy to use the old way of working with briefcase. Using a briefcase indicates the person is a salesperson. Indirectly they are shameful to be known as selling.

Not me! My briefcase is my pride and I feel great to be a super salesman selling life insurance. To prove my words. Yesterday while visiting one of my prospect in his office, his CEO of the company happened to come into his room for a casual chat. I was introduced to him as a friend to his staff. While chatting he was sharp to see my personal briefcase besides the chair I was sitting. He was so captured and attracted to this black leather shinning briefcase. With my permission, he touched my bag with admiration. According to him, he too hadn't seen any salesperson using such expensive briefcase for a very long time. He believes only those who are professional enough in whatever they profess could carry such bags as their working tools.

Later he instructed his staff that I should fix an appointment with him because he really wants to know what I sell. I have a good personality and my briefcase enhances my value. So sad! Today non of our sales agents knows how to appreciate the beauty of a briefcase in selling.

Food for thought - "Take pride in your work at all times. Remember, respect for an umpire is created off the field as well as on" - Ford Frick

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