Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Computer could be addictive....

Are you addicted to the iPhone or the iPad Tablet? Most young people are!

Last weekend two of my grand sons (age 11 & 8) and two of their girl friends (age 10 & 7) visited my home together with their parents. They pestered the mum to take them here. However when there were around, all the four children were playing their iPhone or surfing the tablets. Non were interested to chat with me. Finally it was the uncle who raised his voice that all immediately locked their playthings away.

Same thing happened again at my home last night, when one of my brother in law brought his family over. His two sons (aged 26 & 24) were with him. We hadn't met for quite awhile and it was good for them to visit me. While the parents were chatting with me, his both sons were on their Tablets. I believe they were on some exciting computer games. My brother in law didn't say a word over the two boys and that's when I raised my voice then.

I told them on their face... You might be the most cleverest and intelligent person who are good in the computer world, but do not know how to offer your sincere attention to the one in front of you, you lose the respect instantly. A person who has manner always face and talk to the one in front. Though you are here for more than half an hour, your time was given only to your iPad. You treated us as we were not in existence. How could you be able to do well in life!  An advice from me! Whenever I speak with anyone and my phone rings, I will change the mode to silent. Even the friends might insist that I should pick the call first, I will always tell them that they are more important than the call. They would be flattered. 

Tips - To win friends, always treat them important.

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