Wednesday, June 06, 2012

I never failed to remember all my good friends' and family members' birthdays cox birthday is the sweetest day for the person who celebrates it. 

It was Mazuki's wife's birthday and I sent this message to them... "The wife is like a favorite car - exciting when new; depressing when broken; boring when old & used; but in the end, one realises 'it's a classic'. Mazuki ... please relate this message to your darling wife, because today is her bday. Happy Birthday. Robert".

Mazuki creatively replied... "Thanks Robert. Anyway if the wife is a favorite car, then the hubby is more or less like a super bike, the older it be the rusty it shall be, but once polish and fine tuning, it's engine roars fast and the body shines again".

Very Good reply!!!

Love quote - ""Love is like an antique vase, hard to find but easy to break"


ගැමියාගේ පත් ඉරුව said...

hi Mr robert

these days i'm busy with studies hardly came to online today.... sorry for being late...

i like this quote it's superb.i want to add a few lines to it

"once it's broken it cannot be mended"

all the people love to be a owner of a can be brand new or second hand but that's not the problem... we have to take a closer look at it and have to think

1)"is this what i really want"
2)"could i be able to maintain this??"
3)"will this be comfort??"

with all these points i am happy... weather its old or not its still a car isn't it?

i'm gamiya

Robert Foo said...

Hi Gamiya,

Busy people are always successful and I'm glad you are busy.

Yes! Everyone likes cars. And every man likes women as well. Including me. And both... "Once it's broken it cannot be mended".

Thank you for the comment.