Sunday, June 24, 2012

How sharp is your mind?

Is a Sunday, relax and please read the above. Ponder your mind and see who is the guilty one. Let me know if you could. Okay?


Anonymous said...


No one commits adultery without first being able to justify their behavior to themselves. The problem with such justifications is they are falsehoods, a way of engaging in bad behavior without having to think about the consequences of the adultery to others.

The adulterer lives in a mythical, storybook world. The realities of their actions are far different than the “reality” they create to justify the adultery.

When a spouse is cheated on, there are feelings of betrayal, depression and anger. A spouse will feel second-rate and undesirable.

Spouses may get over the betrayal of adultery but only after much suffering. Adultery hurts and can cause severe psychological damage. There is also a loss of trust and faith in the adulterer. So much so that it makes surviving adultery close to impossible.

Not only will your spouse be injured by the adultery but anyone close to you will be affected negatively. Children, family, and friends all those who care about you will suffer if you make the choice to engage in an adulterous relationship.

An adulterer may feel that the benefit of adultery to them is worth the suffering of others. That is wrong! Adultery hurts and it is never OK to hurt another person.

Love is not the only circumstance though and a lack of love for a spouse is not justification for committing adultery and broken marriage vows.

The fact remains that until there is a divorce the person is still living inside the marital contract and that means upholding the vow to be faithful.

Adultery is an unethical behavior. It is that simple. Sure, as individuals everyone is free to define ethical behavior on their own terms. Most will choose to live according to societies rules as far as what is and isn’t ethical behavior.

Kindness, consideration, honesty, respectfulness, they are all ethical behaviors. Therefore, it is safe to say that society views a person who is faithful to the spouse as ethical and virtuous.

In conclusion, it is best to consider the reality of adulterous behavior than getting caught up in the mythical, storybook idea created to justify adultery.


Robert Foo said...

Hi CM,
Well expressed & extremely well written. You really touched my heart.
Thank you for commenting such meaningful words.