Friday, June 29, 2012

Duo Characters of women.....

Are you aware that women have duo characters? 

When they talk to friends outside, they are so feminine and gentle. If you are one lady who is reading my blog, you might agree with me. If you are the attractive and the sexy one, with your sweet words and a lovely heart, many people would adore you. You could easily capture plenty of secret admirers and some might even fall for you. In the mind of most men, they proclaim you as the most ideal woman to look for. Your entire personality and character is considered as prefect.

Hmmm!! Gentlemen be careful! Women being women, when you are just normal friend to them they could be so nice and sweet to us. Only when they fall for you and later when both become love mate or soul mate, things might change a bit. Love actually has patience but when women are deeply in love, they might loose their patience. As friends they are with us, they have patience but when in love for too long a period they forget the real meaning of what is patient. Their character or behaviour to their loved one could be rude and easily be angered. They no longer has the ear to listen. Instead they dictate and control with their powerful voice and feat. 

Do you think they are aware of these changes in them? I believe they don't! They might not even know that they are at wrong. Unless someone could enlighten them. Or please read my blog for some understanding of woman's behaviour.

For all ladies - "Love is patient & Love is kind".


Anonymous said...

What abt Men behaviour........ How shud a gurl get rid to reduce of guys anger????

Robert Foo said...

Hi Anonymous,

See! I provoked the lady there. Otherwise you girls just read and never bothered to speak your mind.

Talking about men! We are worst off than women. We have multiple characters and we really are difficult to tolerate at time.