Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Buy when you don't need it!!!!

Life is really so fun....

Thirty years ago when I first started to sell life insurance, most of my young prospects were unwilling to buy this unheard products from me. Either they didn't have the extra cash to buy or they thought the needs were not there. I had to see twenty or more prospects to close one case. Sometimes even the one case I closed could be terminated after effecting within a month because the client had so much of negative thinking in holding the insurance then. Selling those days were really very tough and difficult. 

What about today? Is definitely much easier. No need to prospect or cold call. Potential customers were introduced and they are willing to sign up immediately. They certainly know the needs and benefits of life insurance. But!!!! I could not sign them up because either they are too old to be insured or they are not healthy and have medical problems. No life insurance company would accept unhealthy customers. They want to buy and yet I could not sell to them. 

Funny isn't it? When they were young they refused to accept my offer, and when they realised what I said were true, it's always too late to be accepted. 

Conclusion: Buy Life Insurance when you don't need it because when you need it, you can't buy!!!

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