Friday, November 09, 2012

How to speak effectively on phone....

Selling tips..

Most sales begin with a phone call. To be effective on phone, a salesperson has to be speak well with confidence. Otherwise no prospect or even customers might be interested to entertain these unattractive calls.

The most ideal way to start an introduction over the telephone is to speak with a high pitched voice. The voice has to be cheerful, friendly, exciting and confidence. The receivers must be able to feel all these qualities, though they could only hear the voice. Eyes have strong senses but the ear is equally powerful to listen and to determine the strength of the callers. No one likes to befriend a caller who shows a weak personality. 

Thirty years ago when I first started to be a life insurance agent, I had to train myself to speak effectively right. Each morning when I made those cold calls on the phone, I spoke in front of a small mirror placed on top of my working desk. And whenever I spoke with anyone, I made sure my face was smiling on the mirror in front all the time. I believe a smiling self speaks better with cheers all round and a happy person always attracts energy. At the same times, I recorded all those tele-conversations and to be listened again while driving to work. The looking at the mirror while speaking, and correcting the mistakes through the recordings really helped me to be excellent caller on phone. Today! All my clients love to hear my telephone's voice 

Food for thought"If your own mind is muddled, much more will the minds of your hearers be confused" ~ Dale Carnegie

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