Thursday, November 15, 2012

Have you ever wonder who loves you most?

This article was sent to me from my eldest son. Very meaningful......

Have you ever wonder who loves you most?

Let me share a story:

A professor gave his class (50% male and 50% female) two questions.

Question 1:
There is a man who loved this beautiful woman. But one day, she was
disfigured in a freak accident, will he still love her?

Question 2:
There is a woman who loved this wealthy man. But one day, he lost all
his money due to financial crisis. Will she still love him?

The answers by the class:
1. 30% Yes 40% May be 30% No
2. 20% Yes 30% May be 50% No

The professor commented that the answers suggest man is at a higher
risk of losing his love when he loses his money, compared to women
losing their love when they lose their beauty.

Then he asked, "Have you all thought about the relationship the man
and woman had in the two questions?
Did you all assume it was a romantic relationship between a man and a woman?"

"Yes....are they not?" the class replied.

The professor said, "Answer the questions again - this time, assuming
the relationship is between a father and a daughter for question 1 and
for question 2, a relationship between a mother and a son."

This time, the answers were:
1. 100% Yes
2. 100% Yes

So now you know - who love you most. :-)


Perhaps now my son knows what parental love is, because he is a father of three growing children now. Son, thank you for sending such wonderful sharing.


Unknown said...

I 100% agreed!

Robert Foo said...

Hi dear Cianna,

Your parents are so blessed to have you as their daughter & I'm so lucky to have you as my reader.