Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Selling with the heart or the mind is two different approaches..

Thirty years ago when I took up the challenge to sell life insurance was because I was highly inspired by the products. The products were mainly on protection, providing security to the individuals and the families. Should a father die on an untimely death, the benefits would immediately pay cash to the surviving family members. The family would have shelter and food, the children could continue their studies and the entire family could still live in dignity. Or if the individual fell severely sick, he needed not to worry about the high cost of medical bills to come. I was greatly motivated to sell that 'peace of mind' to everyone I encountered those days.

So sad of today! We no longer talked about protection or the sum insured, rather the companies are offering values to inspire agents to sell. The values come in the form of premium income, the more premium we bring in, the more commission would be paid. The premium could be high, and yet the protection could be lower. Those days, premium was much lower but the protection was much higher instead. All the seminars seldom mentioned saving and protecting lives, rather they created motivation with dreams and financial success. On top of it, they threw in expensive and tempting trips and holidays to excite more sales.

Conclusion: I think it's much easier to motivate the mind than the heart. Most younger agents could easily be inspired with dreams and thoughts but to sink into the heart one needs plenty of understanding of life. The mind could be corrupted but not the heart. 

Food for the thought - “When the heart speaks, the mind finds it indecent to object.” - Milan Kundera

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