Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Men like smart women.....

One undisclosed reader posted a comment on my previous title dated 24 Oct 2012, "Be Truly A lady". She ended with an interesting question.
Anonymous said... 
No place for smart women in this world :-(

Your conclusion is that she needs to stop being so smart and start playing dumb to be with a man?

That will be against her nature!

A better question is: why are men afraid of smart women?

My reply for her was:-

Men will not be afraid of smart women but rather we are more afraid of intelligent ladies.  Being smart and intelligent are two different things. 

Intelligent people, be they man or female, they are usually prideful, full of self esteem, egoistic, authority personality and difficult to be pleased. While a smart person could be just the opposite of being intelligent.

I believe all men like smart women. I love my little darling to be smart. She is smart to tickle my heart. She is smart to know what I want. She is smart to make me happy. She is smart to romance with me. When I'm sad she knows how to change my mood. When I'm down she is prepared to listen and to understand my thought. When I'm on the heat, she is willing to hug me tight. When I'm distressed, she gives me the tender kisses. When I'm hunger, she cooks the best meals to satisfy my stomach. When I'm tired and lazy, she motivates me with her inspiring words of love. She is not only intelligent but she is extremely smart to have caught my heart and soul. 

My Dear Anonymous.... No man on earth is afraid of smart woman.

Specially for my little darling - “A woman has got to love a bad man once or twice in her life, to be thankful for a good one”

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