Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Today is my 2000th Post......

Hooray! Today is my 2000th posts, since I started to blog in 2007. Time really flies! When I first began to write here, I thought it was merely a short period of time before I might call it off. BUT! I got addicted to it because I didn't know my mind had so much to share, not only talking but by writing as well. On top of it, blogging allows me to gather so many friends and readers from all over the globe. 

Talking is my hobby. One can talk well, might not write well. That applies in me too absolutely. However while having this interest to blog, I had the opportunity to learn to express myself in writing. Today! Writing no longer is a difficult task for me. With more support and guidance from my International Readers, I'm sure I could even improve further. 

To all my regular and supportive readers, I say... "Thank you so much for reading my blog." 

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