Thursday, November 22, 2012

Lower our expectation....

I love eating Wan Tan Mee, Chinese noodle. However the original taste of this noodle food is no longer available in our township. All the stores or food courts selling them are tasteless. There is one typical Chinese restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, specialising in wan tan mee is still operating. It's a family business brought down by the grand father, and currently is run by the third generation. Yesterday I purposely drove down to this shop for my lunch and I hadn't been there for quite awhile.

When I was at their place, I was shocked to see only foreign employees working. Except the cashier, I believe could be the boss himself and two Chinese local supervisors who only took orders from the customers. The entire restaurant was practically managed by foreign workers. I saw three Indonesian women  preparing drinks, and three Bangladeshi Cooks preparing the food. I couldn't imagine Chinese food, especially wan tan mee was prepared by foreigners. How could these workers understand the process of the noodle's preparation, and know the taste buds of our locals! My plate was served with the right setting, noodle, meat and soup. BUT! When I started to eat, I realised the taste and the quality was totally different. There you are, gone are the best wan tan mee of Kuala Lumpur. Looking around, I could see people were still pouring in to order this noodle. Perhaps the younger people of today had not ever tasted the original taste of the yesteryear noodle, while I was lucky when I had tasted it 50 years ago. To them this shop is still the best for this type of noodle. High time that I should lower my expectation in life.

Sylvia Plath proverb said - “If you expect nothing from anybody, you’re never disappointed.”  BUT! Can this include food??? You tell me please?


Happy walker said...

lol, i also like wan tan mee~

Robert Foo said...

Hi Not so lonely,

So! Please recommend a place for this meal then.

Happy walker said...

urm, cheras got 1 wan tan mee very nice but forget the shop name d.. sigh, the outside of the restaurant very beautiful but one bowl cost about RM8+

Robert Foo said...

Hi Not So Lonely,

Thank you. Btw where is URM in cheras? Will try their meals there.

Anonymous said...

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