Friday, November 16, 2012

Signature reveals your personality....

Few days ago was Deepavali when I visited Balan who insisted that I must turned up with my little darling. The last we met him with his family was last year for the same celebration. They had prepared food and drinks for us. Upon reaching his house, we saw a Mercedes parked right in front of the courtyard. Wow! Balan has changed his car. Upon seeing him face to face, shaking his hand, I could see the grow in his eyes.  His eyes was sparkling with love and he spoke so confidently with happiness. Tell me friend! What is happening to you.

While eating those delicious food and drinking the hot tea specially prepared by his dear wife, Balan related this story to us. 

Last year when we came, I talked about Graphology, a study and analysis on handwriting and signature. This is one interest I had picked up 30 years ago. During the discussion Balan and his family got attracted to this subject, and the entire family of four wrote and signed their names on paper for me to access and analyze. They were amazed I could tell them their strength and weaknesses. Correcting their weaknesses, I suggested to them to improve on their signing. Signature of oneself is important. An upward signing is always better than a downward stroke. Upward is positive and downward indicates negative. Is like when you feel great, "Hooray or Yahoo" is an upward movement, while an angry thought like "Shit or Damn" is always a downward movement. I highly recommended them to change their signatures by moving upward with force. Balan and the two daughters took my advices. The father being a soft lighted person gradually turned aggressive in personality and his mind is charged with positiveness. Within this year, his business grows by leap and bound. The eldest daughter had passed with flying colour in her medicine degree and the second girl is so fully confidence in taking her SPM examination at the moment. All these happened because they had changed their signature. Today they are strong believers in Graphology. 

Believe it or not - your signature reveals your inner thought. 

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