Saturday, July 10, 2010

All desirable things in life.

One my my reader Renuka wrote on my comment two days ago. She said, "Hi Robert, i received a quote from my friend saying 'All desirable things in life are either illegal, fattening, banned, expensive..or married to someone else'. If you have any experience on this, can you write a blog on this?"

Hi my dear, sound interesting your question! I believe all of us one way or another have had experienced all these desirable things before. We ought to blame on Eve for eating the forbidden apple in the first place. If she had killed the snake instead and not eating the juicy apple, all of us might still be living in the Garden of Paradise where no illegal things could have existed. Then you need not have doubts over this question. Right?

On the other hand, as a man myself i have to partially blame Adam as well. He was given everything and yet he was lonesome. The instinct of the first man on earth had the feeling for another soul. In order to please and satisfy this creation, Eve was allowed to be his companion. And that was when all things broke loose, Adam & Eve had to fend for themselves in this place we called as our world.

As far as i am concerned, our world has to live by the two effects of "the good & the bad". The good could not survive without the existence of the bad or vice verse. Meaning, if there is no death, we would not have appreciated good life. If there is no sickness, you would not know what is good health. When nobody get sick, the doctors as playing the good role of life, would not have survived in their medical practices. The thieves play the role of the bad and the polices act the role of good. The smugglers are considered as the bad guys but they need the good guys of the lawyers to save their skin when they are caught. I can continue to relate more of the bad and the good roles of life but whether you like it or not, life has to go on and on. Without these effect of the two forces, the world would not move and life might be at a standstill.

The good and bad forces of life would forever be here but we have the choices to pick the roles. Or you have the choices to select the desirable things you like. When i was younger, i ate all the fatty or junk food but today i have to be selective in eating. A brand new BMW is attractive but i prefer a simple Honda which is much cheaper. I can pick an illegal Chinese sexy Doll to make love but i rather be faithful to my little darling. Life has got choices. Just that, are you wise enough to accept the good or the bad of life. Renuka, please tell me if i am wrong. Okay?


renuka said...

Hi Robert,
the smuggler example is a very good one.. Yes, you are right! as we grow older, we become wiser and knowledgeable, but i guess for me, by reading your blogs, i become wiser. now i understand the meaning better.. we must willingly accept everything, positive or negative.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Renuka,

I am glad u read this title, specially written for you. For one day, i thought where were you!

To write everyday isn't easy my dear. It needs a lot of inspiration and positiveness. I am sure to read is definitely much easier.

I am too happy you are wiser by reading my naughtiness.

renuka said...

well write is very hard than to read..

Anonymous said...

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