Thursday, July 08, 2010

Saying i am a single mum causes big problem!

Rinnie is an attractive lady who owes a tutorial centre. She is facing some financial problems and might be closing her once well known educational centre. Students intake is dropping and the various classes income doesn't support the maintenance of this school. As she is my important client, i gave her my ears to listen to all her sorrow lately.

Using our tag line from Prudential, "Always Listening and Always Understanding", i could excess the actual problems hidden. Rinnie is a single mother with a young daughter of seven. Though she is 32 years old, she looks younger than her age because she is sexy and attractive. A self-made person, single handily she managed to build the school herself without support.

The problems started when she introduced herself as a single mother whenever her daughter was around her. She was truthful to reveal her real marital status as a divorcee with a child to support. She thought by not lying, it might be good for her. By presenting herself to be a single mother, she assumed it would attract sympathies and respect. Yes! Respect was there because she is a teacher. However the words of "single mum" attracted unnecessary attention and exposure. All males, between the age of 24 to 40 were all out to tackle and court this beautiful lady who isn't prepared to fall in love yet. During the last two years, there were countless gentlemen, some even younger than her were attempting to win the heart of Rinnie. Without she realising, those men wasted much of her pleasurable time and created a lot of misunderstanding and fuss along the way. To add salt over her wound, she told the unexpected problems to all she met within the school. The innocent young principle didn't know that no parent would like their children to be taught by a problematic teacher. Through words of mouth, the classes were getting lesser, simply because the parents were losing their respect and confidence on her. That's when the school tutorial income fell.

A friendly advice to my important friend. Never introduce yourself as a single mother when you don't intend to attract another Male's approaches. Single mother to man is.. she is available because the man had left her. I suggested to Rinnie, she should tell a bit of white lies. No harm to say, "i am married and my husband is still around." A married woman is seldom being approached intentional by another single man. The status of her being still married, should shut the thought of most dirty minded men. Next! Rinnie should not reveal her personal problems openly to everyone. Nobody likes to deal with an unsuccessful person, especially when you are a professional. I hope these suggestions could assist and correct the path way for her.

Food for thought - “Successful people aren't born that way. They become successful by establishing the habit of doing things unsuccessful people don't like to do. The successful people don't always like these things themselves; they just get on and do them.”


Kirana said...

Life seem's to be very unfair for all the single mothers. Being truthful does create unnessary confusion when being perceived differently by others. To all single mothers.. Stay Smart,strong and beautiful inside out.

Robert Foo said...

Hi my dear Kirana,

On your behalf, i would knock all these naughty men's heads for disturbing all the single mothers.

I am with you my dear.