Thursday, July 01, 2010

Do u squeeze your toothpaste until the end?

This morning i was squeezing my toothpaste to the last drop, and i felt rejoice knowing well that i had made the best use of it. Would you do it like me?

I asked a few friends how they treat and use their toothpaste at home. Do you maximise the tube until the last part of it or change a new one as soon as the tube is near finishing? I am amazed each and everyone of us behave differently.

To think about myself whether i am the stingy one who can't afford to buy a good brand of toothpaste or whether i am a thrifty person is something to ponder about.

Those friends who are like my type who squeeze every drop of paste to the end, have these following similar characters and background.
1. We like to save & dislike wastage.
2. Is exciting to maximise the usage.
3. Is challenging to know we could do it.
4. We are more responsible.
5. We know what is hardship.
6. Our parents were not rich.
7. Smarter and more witty.

One of the lady who went back to ask her two daughters why they like squeezing all their toothpaste from the tubes, was surprised with this answer. Both daughters claimed they don't like squeezing those tubes but rather they were afraid that mother would scold them if they don't follow her instruction to save the usage.

My sister in law is a very simple woman who would discard the tube once it comes to the near end. She said why put so much trouble to squeeze and squeeze when you could have a new tube again.

I have three sons, only one follow my footstep and i am curious why the other two are not like me. Yes! They have different character for sure.

So! The next time when you use a friend's bathroom, look at his or her toothpaste and you might be able to guess their character too. What about yourself?

I am sure you know - “Once the toothpaste is out of the tube, it's hard to get it back in!” - H. R. Haldeman quotes


Sherif Ramadan el-Sherif said...

yes :)
um from this kind who squeeze it to the last drop :)
i dont know why actually :)

Robert Foo said...

Hi Sherif,

Most likely we are of the same birds of feather.