Thursday, July 22, 2010

You are important to me.

I was preparing to meet Andrew for a lunch, when he called to inform that he could not make it again. This is the second time within the same week that he failed to meet up with me. His excuse wasn't acceptable because he wanted to meet another prospective client who urgently needed to see him. I was upset and angry. Raising slightly my voice, i offered this Friday as a last alternative date. Otherwise i won't be seeing him for lunch in future.

Andrew is only in his mid thirties. By profession he is a contractor who rented one of my premises for his business. Though he works extremely hard, i don't see him doing well in his career. He has been holding my rental for a couple of months. His biggest downfall is his weak management of time.

A successful business man controls his time well and efficient. With good attitude and ethic, punctuality is almost prefect. Not Andrew who are always late in appointments or skipping and postponing meetings as promised. He might not even aware that each appointment he postponed, he made his clients or friends unimportant.

Lets look at my last two lunches with him. He wanted to see his new business prospects first, opting to cancel my appointments which were fixed earlier. Without him realising, i felt unwanted and not important to him. Luckily i am not his client, otherwise i might not want to deal business with him further. He had distrusted his creditability and integrity.

If he could come and meet me this Friday i will speak my mind for him. A successful person always attempt to make everyone important, no matter who the acquaintances are. If one could master the skill to let someone in front of you feel important, he or she would be the most likable and lovable person to everyone. I hope i am. Ha Ha Ha!!!

Food for thought - "It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice" ~ Author Unknown

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