Friday, July 23, 2010

A late starter on sex.

If you think sex starts only when you are young, read this true story which might amuse and surprise your thinking.

Ah Kow and his wife are both in their late sixties. When they got marry forty six years ago, they were poor and could only afford a rented hut. Their room was small and the four walls were all made of soft wood. Although they had privacy inside this space, they spoke little, especially in the late night. Because their neighbour's rooms could hear the slightest whisper or movement from them. Their first night of honeymoon in this unforgettable room was quick and fast. No yelling or screaming on bed, for fear of over hearing by the outside.

We asked the elderly wife now, whether she knew what was good sex and love making. She said those days sex was merely to satisfy the husband, was the obligation and duty of a wife to give her body to her man. She did not understand what was love making, she didn't know what was orgasm, except to please the husband and be responsible to give birth to his babies.

By one year, there was a cry of baby in their home. The next ten years, the tiny room was crowded with another five children. All their children had to sleep on the wooden floor, and usually the youngest child would sleep together with the parents on the bed. Under such environment and condition, we could imagine making enjoyable sex was definitely not possible. Their satisfaction was short and quick. Please don't laugh! Is true my readers.

Time passed rapidly. By the time Ah Kow and wife arrived into their mid fifties, all their children had grown to be adult. Their elder son was doing well and shifted both their old folks to stay with them in their brick house in the city. At this stage of life, his wife had reached her menopause age when she thought "sex and love making" wasn't necessary anymore. She no longer served and obliged the man, and the man thought she was not interested in him either. Funny isn't it! Perhaps there was no proper communication in love & romance those day.

Came two years ago when something unexpected happened to this old couple. While they were sleeping one night in their classy home, the husband's hand accidentally touched the soft tender breast of the wife. Under a fantasy dream, the man fondled her blossom. The old lady had never experienced this crazy touch of her man, started to yearn and cry. He heard the "Ohhhh Ohhhh Ohhhhhhh!!!" from the woman besides. He too got excited hearing the wild cries of sex. This is when they started to understand and practise effective sex and love play after marrying to each other for forty over years. This is when their real sex life begins. Mind you at late sixties!

Moral of the story: There is no age barrier on sex, as long as you understand life.

Something you might not know - "Some men know that a light touch of the tongue, running from a woman's toes to her ears, lingering in the softest way possible in various places in between, given often enough and sincerely enough, would add immeasurably to world peace" ~ Marianne Williamson, "A Woman's Worth"

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