Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Secret KL Survey 2010

Secret KL Survey 2010 is extracted from our local magazine, Time Out Kuala Lumpur.

Some of the interesting facts gathered from 41% male respondents and 59% is female online survey done. Please read on for some fun knowledge.

How old were you when you lost your virginity?
Most of them lost it between the ages of 17 and 19 while those of them who lost it in their twenties mainly took the plunge in the 21 - 23 age range.

Hey! Not bad for me, i broke mine when i was 16, and that was 47 years ago. Perhaps mine was the record.

How often do you have sex?
On average, a lot are getting it on a regular basis: 2 - 3 times a week.

That's not good 'man'! I had slowed down a lot but today i am still at 2 - 3 time a week. What happened to you KL-ities.

How often would you like to have sex?
This is where it gets interesting. The unanimous answer is Daily. Some of them even have the stamina to have it more often. They all have sex on the brains, which doesn't surprise us.

Wow! Me too! I think of sex almost everyday. No sex, no fun in life.

How many lovers have you had?
A vast majority of you have had partners that number in the single digits ranging from 5 to 9. A smattering of KL-ities have partners in the double digits range from 20 - 30 with a handful reaching the triple digits.

My view - Mistakes are our teachers, Including love mistakes. More lovers one had, he/ her makes a better lover later.

Monogamy is...
38% of them said it's a fact of life and similarly 39% agree that it enhances our lives. On the hand, 14% reiterate that it's a relic of a bygone era and 9% practise it on a Sunday only. Monogamy, on the whole, seems quite popular.

Sorry not me. I love Little darling and will not involve in Monogamy. Can't afford to hurt her because she has a glass heart only.

How soon after meeting someone is it acceptable to have sex?
A vast 49% said it's all right after three dates with 28% willing to escalate to the bedroom after the first day. Only 9% will take the plunge in the first five minutes and a conservative 14% will only consider it after marriage.

Fantastic! Five minutes to plunge into sex when i could not even close my sales selling life insurance in five minutes. These youngsters make good salesperson later in life i guess.

Well readers! There are more interesting questions asked and if you intend to read all of them, please buy this magazine lah.

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