Friday, September 24, 2010

Comparing & competing can be stressful.

Is difficult to tell a lady she is getting old, especially this one i know so close. Miss Sexy is one of my fellow colleague who always does well in sales. She works extremely hard and willing to take challenges all the time. However she looks stressful to me and i could see aging lines are appearing on her forehead and eyes. She is definitely much younger than me but is so sad to see her aged faster than she should. The main reason which causes this effect, i believe is she doesn't know how to control her anxiety and tension.

The number one killer in life is the 'Comparison of Our Mind'. In our daily life, everything we see have attraction and admiration. Our 'Sighting and Hearing' tempts us for more. We compare the luxury homes of our friends and neighbours, we compare the expensive cars others are driving, we compare the attractive holidays others are visiting, we compare the clothing, wears and handbags which are advertised openly, we compare the best education available for the children and we compare sometimes for no reason. On top of all these, we compare even on our work and career. Miss Sexy is currently competing her sales at company, agency and personal levels. She wants to reach the highest yearly target for company's oversea incentive trips, she wants to lead in her agency sales team and she eagerly trying to achieve her level best personally this year. She is pushing herself very hard and this is already her twenty years in the business. By comparing and competing in everything on her life, without she realising age is catching on her.

How true.. "There is no free ride on the journey of life". The more we toll on our body and mind, the more stressful we would be. The more stressful we are, it would gradually show on our face. Yes! Is good to have a successful life and the better way to reach it meaningfully is to get it without craving for them.

Would like to suggest to Miss Sexy here. With these many years of selling, you should try to enjoy selling as a love and passion, and not to sell to compete and compare with others. Admire those who are doing better than you and assist those who aren't doing well. As long as you sell with a sincere heart, i am sure everything will come beautifully your way soon. If you happened to be reading this title, please don't be offended my dear. I am just trying to make you realise, our work has to be from the heart and not just the mind alone.

To this special lady - “When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everybody will respect you.” ~Lao Tzu

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