Thursday, September 16, 2010

Unable to get employment.

I had a chance to speak with Chris recently, who had returned from an overseas studies in England. She is one of my client's daughter and anxiously looking for a job for almost a year. Being too over qualified, she is unable to seek a rightful career for herself at the moment. Mother and daughter were a bit upset and worried over this matter. In order to stay closer to her, i emailed my letter of encouragement. Perhaps there are also many young graduates out there who might be facing the same fate like Chris. Let me share with those who are interested to read...

From Chris:
Hi there,

Good to talk with you. But, i know that sometimes too logical would not be accepted in some condition. I received a phone call this evening from Singapore, asking me to attend an interview for Sale Executive this Sunday or Monday. I don't think i will go as my family not really ready to let go me yet, and i am also not ready to leave them too soon. Mum ask me to wait for an opportunity here as my boyfriend is here too. I will be living alone if i go there. What's your opinion? Should i listen to my mum?

From me:
Hi My Dear,

I love calling all my lady friends as dear, especially the understanding one. Or you like me to call you Chris.

Let me share with you first this meaningful power phrase..."A Happy Heart sees a beautiful world". If one isn't happy at heart, everything would be difficult for this person.

Likewise, Singapore might be a country of hope and greatness but if you go without a happy heart, i strongly believe you would not give the best of yourself. Sometimes money alone might not be the most important factor to be happy. Whereas living with those who are closed and loved could be more important. If i were you, i rather stay back and wait for the opportunity in Malaysia. I am sure you would get what you want eventually. Please be strong and remain positive.

I have seen you grown since a little child and i would be too pleased to offer my assistance and advices if you ever need them. I am just one call away from you my dear. My hp number is 012 2113468. Please stay in touch.

Robert Foo.

Or perhaps any comments or suggestions for Chris from my readers.

Specially for Chris - "I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed" -- Michael Jordan

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