Friday, September 17, 2010

She is so sexy!

As i was walking along the mall with little darling, came our way this sexy lady who was wearing an extremely low cut and mini skirt. Her legs caught my sight and her upper opening was tempting. For a moment, i really didn't know how to put my eyes right. Shall i stare directly at her or to pretend she wasn't in front of us? Though i claimed i have some wisdom but her attractiveness really confused my thought. My logical mind said 'No'. It's not good to look at stranger, please have your manner. On the creative mind, it kept bugging me... see her lah! She is so gorgeous and beautiful.

Before this lady disappeared from us, i quickly asked little darling this impromptu question... See this sexy lady. Is it wrong to look at her directly because she is too tempting for man?

Little darling replied, if you don't then you are not a normal man. She would be happy if all men stare at her because she wants attention and admiration. Even women could not resist to eye at such beauty for comparison of themselves. She needs courage and confidence to dress in such sexiness. Immediately i turned my face towards this moving lady and gave her a stunning smile. Wowww!! My heart was pumping faster than normal. Yes! I knew she was happy because she acknowledged my smile too.

Conclusion... Don't be afraid to look straight at attractive and sexy ladies. They love to be admired with only the eyes and not the bad thoughts of our naughty mind.

Any comments from the ladies would be appreciated.

Admiration quote - "The secret of happiness is to admire without desiring."

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