Monday, September 13, 2010

How to seek for an ideal man?

Hey! Are you in love? I am referring to those ladies who are reading my blog at the moment. If you are; What makes you think your present man is most ideal for you? Read on and i would like to offer you some tips again.

Take your boyfriend to shop along with you and see what happen. If he doesn't complain, has all the patience and tolerance to shop from morning till the evening with you, pay generously all the bills and still smiles until the end, most likely you have found an ideal man.

The funny part of life is, when a man has money, he is usually busy and has very little time to spare for others. On the hand, if a man isn't doing well or financially is weak, he has all the time to waste.

To the ladies... do you want a wealthy rich boyfriend who could be generous but lack patience and tolerance? Or you prefer a poor one who is humble, kind and sincere but has no financial confidence to inspire you? See! So difficult to decide right? Or the third option... Have two boyfriends at the same time. One rich guy to give you all the money and allow the poor one to accompany you out.

Little darling is very lucky. She has chosen this blogger who is willing to shop with her in any part of the world to shop. Mind you not just one time! A one time shopping spree won't decide the character of the man. Is only when he is prepared to go along endlessly with her, this is love. Is only with love, a man will accompany his woman to shop, too happy to pay for all the expenses, willing to wait patiently for the lady to select her choices, at times to offer comments and suggestion on the actual buying, assist to carry all her bags with pride and most important to smile all the way till the end. The intention is to make the lady happy because he loves her. So! You think your man has the above qualities? Otherwise think twice before you marry him.

Food for thought - "The ideal man bears the accidents of life with dignity and grace, making the best of circumstances" - Aristotle quotes

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