Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Parents' Love is endless

Over a party with some young friends, Pat showed some concern over her coming oversea holiday with her new found boyfriend. She is still single, in her early forties and a successful self employed professional. She is an honest and an obedient child to her caring parents. She doesn't know how to tell her old folks, she is going alone on holiday with her lover. She could be brave in her profession but timid in love and romance.

Joking i told this lady, tell your mum that you are going on foursome on this special trip. There are two males and two females. Your boyfriend brings his little brother Dick and your little sis, Pussy is also coming along. Tell your mum, she needs not worry because the four of you would be sleeping together in one room all the time. Believe me your parents would be happy with this arrangement.

I told all my friends there, the experiences i had encountered in my life. Ten years ago when my last son who was twenty years young then had many girlfriends. I was worried at that time because those girls used to sleep over nite with him. Though i was termed as a liberal father, i still showed my unsatisfactory acceptance to their togetherness in one room. Today my son is already 30 years old, holding a good job and unmarried yet. How do i feel for him currently? I am not happy either because i don't see him around with girls nowadays. Today he brings male friends home and they would be sleeping together over the weekend. My worry is... are they gays!!!

See! Last time with many girls, i was unhappy with him. Today without any girlfriend i am more concerned for him. I wish he could tell me...dad i am going on a holiday with Pat.

How true -
"To understand your parents' love you must raise children yourself" - Chinese Proverbs quotes

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