Tuesday, September 28, 2010

High divorce cases

Over a recent discussion with some friends, they were having concern over high divorce cases among the young married couples. On one article, it referred Singapore, a tiny island and our neighbouring country has the highest ratio divorce cases within the Asian region. They scored 60% of divorcing for couples who married less than 5 years. Meaning out of 10 couples, six might break away from their marriages within this period. Alarming! Right?

I gave my reasoning to these group of friends. Singapore is a young nation of brains. All parents emphasize the important of education to their growing children. Not just the sons but the daughters as well. Today all their young citizens are highly qualified professionals with much to aspire and excel. Their intelligence has broadened their knowledge base. And knowledge has created opportunities which allow them to do well in careers and businesses. With much money earned, money would in turn provides power. In the course of pursuing success and dreams, power leads to the weak part of life. Power offers independence and security, but if it is not carefully handle, it could have its detrimental effect. A successful person with a high powerful position might have high expectation in life. More so if they are young and still not very wise yet, they could be arrogance and demanding in character. These are applicable to both sexes.

Coming to these young intelligent married couples, if both husband and wife are high achievers and earners, i wonder whether they could hold their emotion and feeling right all the time. How many could have the patience and tolerance to understand each other when both have the power in hand. Next, have they got sufficient time to be together. Is the busy wife be able to spare her restricted time to make love with the husband. Intelligent men always have strong desire to make love, whereas intelligent ladies might not because they are capable to earn enough and to appease themselves without man. The saying..man has one important need and woman has ninety nine needs.

Conclusion: Less sex higher divorce cases. (Luckily i am not a Singaporean)

Food for thought - "A good marriage is the union of two good forgivers" - Ruth Bell Graham

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