Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Tips to make your lady loves you.

Would like to throw this question to all males; "What does woman loves most in life?" Shopping!!! If you can't get this as an answer, most likely you are one man who might find difficulties to search for your love mate.

Man has only one important need, whereas woman has ninety nine. Isn't easy to make a lady to fall whole heartily with a man, unless he is prepared to fulfill all the ninety nine needs of woman. One tip i learn in life... if as a man, you really can't give all the ninety nine to the woman you love, give at least the one which has all the attraction and important women like most. Go shopping with her.

No man can go shopping alone in Bangkok without involving in vices in this red glamorous city. Unless the holiday includes massages, drinking or seeing the tiger shows. Not women! Give them the couple of thousands, and they can go on a shopping holiday alone without any vice committed. Shopping itself is already a thriller for the ladies.

So the next time, you find it's a problem to tackle a girl you like, invite her for a shopping date. But bear in mind, you also need to have the patience and tolerance to wait for her. Walk beside her all the time from shops to shops without complain. Offer her comments and suggestions while she selects her choices of buying. Assist to carry her handbag with pride. Finally pay all the bills with a smiling face.

So! You think you can do it. Otherwise forget getting the woman you love most. Is coming holiday season this week, is best time to go shopping with your love. Me! Yes! Will be taking little darling to shop and shop until she drops.

How true - "The quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her" - Marcelene Cox

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