Monday, March 14, 2011

Agent who cheats.

Publication : Kwong Wah Yit Poh
Date : 9 Mac 2011
Section : National
Page : 7
Headline : Female insurance agent flees after swindling RM4.5 mil
Note: A female insurance agent based in Johor Bahru by the name of “Chloe” has fled after swindling more than RM4.5 million in total from 50 of her customers. One of the victims, Mr Wu, a restaurant owner claimed that he had been cheated close to half a million by the agent. According to Mr. Wu, he first met with the agent in a hospital in 2006 where she voluntarily helped him resolve a claim issue with the hospital. Wu said that the agent was a high flying agent before she was terminated by the insurance company she represented after they found out about her scam and has gone missing since May last year. He has earlier lodged his complaint with the MCA Public Services and Complaint Bureau.

Conclusion: Buy insurance from reliable agents who are sincere and responsible. Never judge a book by its cover & never judge an agent by his/ her look.

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