Thursday, March 17, 2011

Exposing Adulterous Men....

Some interesting news from the paper....

A SINGAPOREAN woman has embarked on a mission to stalk adulterous men.

Apparently, Tay Wanqing, 46, is on a vendetta after her former husband had affairs with three Chinese nationals.

The divorcee would walk around Chinatown, keeping a lookout for mismatched couples such as middle-aged Singaporean men with young Chinese women, China Press reported.

Once a target is identified, Tay would take out her camera to spy on the couple.

She would then send the photographs to the man’s wife.

Tay has apparently declared war against the Chinese women who “stole” other people’s husbands.

Due to her actions, Tay has received threats and was even beaten up but that has not deterred her.

“When my ex-husband was having an affair, nobody helped me. I was forced to fork out a lot of money to hire private investigators. Now, I want to help other women for free,” she said.

My view: Wow! What a woman she is??? Questions bugging my mind!!! Who is wrong and who is right? Are the husbands at wrong to be floating with those attractive China Dolls or the wives have taken their men for granted? My believe is... should all couples who are truly in love, they should have trust and faithfulness within themselves. To be always in love needs plenty of effort and understanding.

Some might take love as -
"Love is life. Life is wife. Wife is a knife. Knife is end of life..." Or "Love is like a butterfly, hold it too tight and it'll crush, hold it too loose and it'll fly away."

As for me... As long as little darling is with me, I will always love her till death.


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