Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The asset for women is their beauty.... Part Two.

Hey! Ladies out there, have you effected some medical insurance for yourself? If you are smart you should consider seriously those critical sicknesses and hospital & surgical covers because when you need them, you might not be able to buy them.

Many a time when the husbands intend to purchase life insurance for the wives, they usually think is a waste of money. Instead they say, "Darling please save the cash and lets go for a holiday!" Either they are ignorance, innocence or they thought they were smart. They thought by not buying, they are actually winning. Or perhaps the agents concern are not professional enough to create the awareness and the important of those medical insurances for these housewives.

A story tells everything... A beautiful wife refused to allow the caring husband to effect a good insurance program for her. She was thrifty and careful in spending. She loved the family and she thought with the saving from the life premium, she could spend more on the family other needs. Came one day she fell very sick and was diagnosed with cancer. Within a year this pretty and attractive woman lost all a look and independence. Her medical expenses cost her a bomb. The husband could not raise money and the poor lady had to borrow from her own parents. She is still alive now but sorry to say the man had left her for another woman. Reason, the eyes of the husband had deceived his mind and heart. He no longer sees the sickly wife as beautiful as before. So sad again! The woman lost the man who left nothing for her, except the pain in the heart. If only she had taken the life insurance together with medical, there might be a consolation for her then. Right?

Advice to all women... please consider some life insurance for yourself as it is a way to create security and independence for your well being.

Suggestion to all the men... if you love your wives, please insist to cover them with adequate medical insurances. It is a way to tell them that you love them.

"Be smart and not penny smart, pound foolish"... which might cause you the regret in life later.

Alex Comfort said "A women's greatest asset is her beauty"... I add, "Insure it."

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