Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The asset for women is their beauty.... Part One.

Specially for all married women....

In Chinese we have a proverb which says, "Never try to save money on beauty if the wives intend to remain happily married with their husbands". This was spoken because most typical Chinese wives love their family by spending less on themselves, especially on cosmetics and clothing which they thought are the least important on personal spending. They rather spend more on food which eventually turn them to be more fatter and more unattractive. As the eyes are the main senses in our lives, their husbands gradually see more other beauties from the outside instead rather than at home. Meaning, the wives who didn't bother to look attractive at home are losing their beauties to others ladies who are younger, more fashionable and more sexier. Some might even lose their husbands permanently and never see them again. So sad!

Now who is right and who is at wrong? To the layman terms, everyone would say the men are unfaithful and misbehaving but should the women knew how to take care of themselves in the first place, their men should not have gone astray in love.

Some friendly advices to the women. Be thrifty in everyway but never save at the expenses of your beauty and personality. Get the best tips to look beautiful and learn the way encharm your men.

For the men.. If you love your women, encourage them to stay healthy and attractive.

The English proverb is so right... "Don't be penny smart, pound foolish!!!"

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