Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Joy of Selling.

Selling tips...

My fellow colleagues asked, "What is the different between selling life insurance 30 years ago and now for me?" Mmmmm!!! Good question.

30 years back when I first started in this career, selling was a job for me, when I needed the money to survive. I had to prospect 10 potential customers to close one case. It was really tough. I had to work an average of 12 hours a day, seeing five to six prospects, sometimes including Sunday and public holidays. The incentives and commission were the main factors to make me work. Today is a different ball game for me. I have converted my career into a hobby. As long as I live, this hobby would keep me going. I still love selling because it allows me to stay happy and be healthy in mind and heart. I work less than five days a week. I only see less than two clients a day because whenever I meet my clients, they hardly let me go away too soon. Is so funny! Those days my clients chase me away but today they would be mad if I don't see them as often as possible. The main factor that draw me to sell today is the passion of seeing all my friends succeeding their lives because they love to listen to my advices. Yes! The Art of selling is to listen and to understand your clients.

My belief - "Success in any endeavor does not happen by accident. Rather it's the result of deliberate decisions, conscious effort and immense persistence - all directed at specific goals" - Gary Ryan Blair.

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