Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Am I old? No! I'm still pumping iron...

Yesterday was an inspiring day for me, when I turned up at my regular gym to exercise. One younger club member who is younger than me by 24 years was admiring my physical. He said,"Sir you look fit and strong."

24 years ago when I first joined this club, there were quite a handful of senior members above the age of 55. I saw them bicycling and walking slowing on those treadmills. Their movement was slow and their look was unfriendly. I wasn't at all impressed by their physical and I told by myself then, I would not want to me like them when I reach their age. Time passes rapidly and today I'm considered as the oldest senior member in this gym. I don't see those past senior members anymore. Most of them had left for another world, some who are still around are too weak to be here. So sad for them!

The main factor that allows me to keep fit and healthy is to mix freely with the younger members. I never put up a serious face, especially towards the youngsters. I always attempt to approach them first, because I know the younger members are too afraid to reach up with the older members. I give them advices and tips on everything and they inspire me with their strength and energy. They seek my knowledge and I pump iron with them. For being cheerful all the time, plus the regular heavy workout definitely paid in the long run. Though I might be the oldest, I believe I am the youngest in heart for no one is as cheeky and naughty as Robert Foo. I aim to remain in this gym for another thirty years.

Food for thought -
"Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness" ~ Edward Stanley

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