Friday, July 22, 2011

Trust has to be earned........

Selling Tips...

A young rookie agent asked me this question; How long do I need to close a sale?

Thirty years ago when I first started as a rookie agent, I had to visit a prospect more than three times to close the sales. The final presentation might take more than two hours before I could convince the buyer. I would be confronted with so many questions and I had to talk endlessly to make the customer believed me. It was tough and the rejections were high. I almost gave up this career several times. Perhaps it was The Almighty Universe who compelled me to stay, so that I could save more lives and families.

Today I talked less of life insurance and more of wisdom of life instead. I only bring up the subject of life insurance towards the end of each meeting with my clients. Most of the time, my clients don't even be bother to know about our products. They just sign their beautiful names on the doted line and pay as I request them to do so. The reason is mainly, they trusted and had the fullest confidence in me. So! How long do I actually need to close a sales? May be less than 10 minutes. Definitely I consider myself as a highly paid profession for a ten minutes job.

To the rookie agents out there. If only you could stay long enough in this career, I'm sure you could also close a ten minutes' sales eventually. Because that is when your 'Respect and Trust' is earned with your clients.

Food for thought - "Trust has to be earned, and should come only after the passage of time" -Arthur Ashe.

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