Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sight vs sound.........

Albert my good friend is worried over his eldest son. Though the son who had graduated with a good honour degree in IT since a year ago, he still could not get a job yet. Whereas all his classmates are already working and are doing well. This young man whom I also know is intelligence and has all the potential to grow, if only he is given the opportunity to show his talents. According to Albert, the boy had written countless letters and had attended many interviews but non was successful. The father was frank to tell me why his son failed in all these jobs seeking because the boy has earrings on his both ears. Not only one each but three fanciful earrings on each ear. Two tiny pieces on the top and one larger piece at the lower part. The father had attempted to discourage the son to remove all these earrings but the son refused to take his advices. To this younger man who is currently 24 at age, earrings are his expression of thought and beauty. Whereas his intelligence should be judged by the brain and not by his face. Nothing could make him change his outlook and the father is so disheartened with the son's attitude and behaviour.

I know it's not easy for me to change this young man thinking either. Nevertheless I would try to write a few words here, which might enlighten his mind in case he reads this naughty blog.

All humans have the five important senses. They are the sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Of the five senses, the sight is the most sensitive of all. Meaning... You might be standing across the road, when I could not hear your voice, or smell your ordour or taste and touch your body but definitely everyone could see your entire self. Right?

So! Before anyone is given an opportunity to talk and to introduce oneself, he has got to look pleasant and normal. In the case of Albert's son, he was never given the full opportunity to speak and present his words to be listened. Should all his interviewers were blind by sight, and depended on their ears to listen, I am pretty sure then they would be amazed how intelligent would be this young graduate. So sad! They judged the book by it's cover and not by the contents.

Moral of the story: The man is intelligence with arrogance and pride, but lack the smartness to outwit the reality of life.

Specially for this young man - "Processing of sight vs. sound in the brain?"

Answer: Both, eyes and ear, are connected to auditory nerves but in terms of physics speed of light is faster than speed of sound , seeing is faster than hearing.


jay said...

hey man.u have a really good blog.wisdom and fun.about this post i have to say,i myself am an international student in here.i graduated with a dress in IT & Business but still can't find a job.if u look at most of the jobs they're selective based on race, if u r not Chinese/Malay/Indian there is a low chance for you to land a job.

jay said...

i meant degree above.ha ha

Robert Foo said...

Hi Jay,

Don't give up! A pleasant personality is for the eyes to see & a brain full of knowledge is for others to listen and to admire.

Race and Nationality are not important if you have the above both qualities.

Thank you for reading my blog.